Paleo Diet Food List – The Good and Bad
June 6, 2013 — 15:42

Losing weight and keeping it off is one of the most difficult challenge people face these days. We are tempted with all kinds of tasty food that is high in calories and fat. Furthermore, our busy lifestyles take us to numerous drive-thrus where we engorge on all manner of unhealthy fast food. One popular diet that is bucking this trend is the Paleo diet, or cave man diet.


It is called the cave man diet because the Paleo diet food list is pretty much anything you can envision cave men eating. Back then there were no refined sugars like bread, rice, pasta and other similar foods. Instead, they had things the land provided as is. This included things like fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, berries and nuts. And, of course, none of it was processed or refined. So, it did not have all the added chemicals and additives found in our food today.


The Paleo diet food list does not contain many carbohydrates either. This means there is not a great deal of pasta, bread and similar items. This is good because diets high in carbohydrates can have negative consequences for people. People that eat a great deal of simple carbs are subject to higher cholesterol and good candidates for diabetes, heart issues and obesity. The cave man did not suffer from these kinds of issues because they were not eating these kinds of foods.


The idea behind this diet revolves around the idea that we are hunters and foragers; not growers of grain. So, the theory goes that are bodies are evolved enough to handle and get nutrients from proteins, fruits, vegetables and nuts. However, our bodies have not really adapted to gaining all the nutrients possible from dairy and grains. Therefore, we reap more of the negative effects of dairy and grain in our diet. So, the foods to stay away from are milk, cheese, beans, grains, starches, processed foods, rice, corn and potatoes. That is a tough pill to swallow because many of those are such staples of people’s diets.


Other foods that re safe to eat are eggs, coconut, sesame seeds, and oils from nuts. The diet doesn’t mean you have to completely give up all carbs and “bad foods”. They just need to be handled in more moderation. The other “safe foods” can be eaten more liberally. Again, you do not have to completely remove the carbs, but the more that you can the more impact will be realized from the diet.



The Paleo diet food list is pretty simple, but it is rich in choices. Just imagine things you can pick up from the land and eat as is (or maybe cook). It may sound bland at first blush, but the choices are endless. When you think of all the different kinds of healthy meat, vegetables, nuts, fruit and berries available the options are endless. Then if you can combine those into thousands of different recipes you can see where this diet can be a good option for people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.